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Custom Designed & Fabricated vs Pre-Fab Sub Boxes

Posted by Rob Aquilina on

We are often asked what is the main difference between a Pre-Fabricated, Mass produced sub woofer box and a custom design enclosure that is fabricated by us.

Well, the biggest difference other than price, is quite simply the sound!

The design, shape & even the materials used to build a sub enclosure all affect how it will sound.

Some boxes are designed for massive bass, some are designed for fast, tight & punchy bass... Most are designed to provide a balance between bass output & sound quality.

Every sub woofer will sound & perform differently in the various types of enclosures. Subwoofer manufacturers even provide the technical specifications & parameters for the fabricator to follow and design the correct enclosure.

As a specialist car audio fabricator, it is my job to design and fabricate the correct sub box for each of my installations. Unless it is a dirty cheap thumper system, I will almost always fabricate a custom enclosure to suit not only the vehicle & the sub woofer specifications, but also to suit the clients taste in music.

This is the only way to get the most out of your new subwoofer.

Pre-Fab boxes on the other hand are generally mass produced and are purposely built to "Fit".

By that I mean they are built to "Fit" just about any car and just about any sub. Just slap your sub in, throw it the car and be loud, without regard to the subwoofer's response or overall quality of sound.

That being said, I have built many, many systems with pre-fab enclosures to get the system in the car and make noise until the client can afford a custom designed & fabricated enclosure or installation.

Here at Volatile Car Audio, we do have a decent range of Pre-Fabricated enclosures that we have tested to work well with a range of our entry to midrange level sub-woofers that we stock. They work well, but they can never hold a candle to a proper custom designed & fabricated enclosure.


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