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HERTZ MILLE MLK1650.3 6.5" Component Speakers

Posted by Rob Aquilina on


As much as I love the Hertz range of speakers, I had not previously had the chance to do too many installations using the Mille range of component speakers.

When the opportunity arose last week, I took it upon myself to not only install a set of the new MLK1650.3 6.5" Components, but take the time to sit back and actually listen to them with a wide range of music types.

Running off of an Audison "Quattro" 4ch Amplifier, with a Hertz HX300 12" Sub Woofer behind me in my clients BMW X5, the fresh out of the box speakers initially sounded quite ordinary. This was due to them requiring a little "wear-in time" to loosen them up a bit.

I decided to leave the speakers running at medium volume for a few hours playing a test CD that I created many years ago that I call the "Wear-In Disc". This disc is roughly 40 minutes long and has a mixture of tracks including a 10 minute white noise track, 20hz to 20khz frequency sweeps, some drum & bass tracks and some short orchestral tracks.

Playing this disc on random for 4 hours will drive anyone nuts, but it does wonders to a new speaker.

After a 4 hour wear in, I checked battery voltages and loaded up my favourite test tracks, “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits.

My initial thoughts.... WOW!!!

That famous guitar riff was so damn clear, I could have sworn it was being played to me from on top of the bonnet. The drums kicked in and I could actually feel air pressure against my legs from the Mille 6.5” Mid woofers.

These speakers are amazing!!!

I changed tracks to another favourite of mine, “My Hero” by the Foo Fighters from their “Skin & Bones” Album. Aside from the absolute crystal clear vocals, the piano playing in the background came alive and I actually heard sounds on the track that I had not heard before.

I was pretty convinced by this stage that these speakers are the real deal for Audiophiles and extreme enthusiasts. But what about the bass heads and heavy metal guys??? Can these speakers handle the torture that is dub step or Norwegian hardcore thrash metal?

The answer... Surprisingly well!!!

Playing something from Skrillex that resembled a bunch of distorted test tones, the speakers were able to play loud and clean, with no signs of break up or distortion. Not what I expected at all...

Playing some random thrash metal off of an old Kicker Demo disc proved an easy task for the Mille’s. Surprisingly again, they played loud and clean to the point where I was lulled into a false sense of being and managed to push the amplifiers almost to their limits...

So yeah, what is my new favourite component speaker set???

Easy... The Hertz Mille MLK1650.3

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