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JL Audio Dual 15W0v3 and RD1000/1 Subwoofer Package

JL Audio Dual 15W0v3 and RD1000/1 Subwoofer Package

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JL Audio Dual 15W0v3 and RD1000/1 Subwoofer Package


  • (2) JL Audio 15W0v3-4 Subwoofers
  • (1) JL Audio RD1000/1 Mono Amplifier

Product Description

This JL Audio 15W0 subwoofer package includes two, 15" W0v3-4 subwoofers and the JL Audio RD1000/1 amplifier. With this setup, each 15W0v3-4 will receive 500 watts of RMS power from the amplifier, the maximum RMS power that JL recommends and the maximum RMS power you can run without voiding the warranty.
The JL Audio RD1000/1 is rated at 1000 watts RMS at 2 ohms. Since there are two subwoofers in this package, it is best to wire them in parallel so that the amplifier will see a 2 ohm load and thus put out the full amount of rated RMS power. 1000 watts / 2 subwoofers = 500 watts RMS to each woofer.


JL Audio 15W0v3-4
Recommended RMS Power Handling - 150-500W
Voice Coil - Single 4 Ω
Optimal Enclosure (Sealed) - 1.875 cu. ft.
Optimal Enclosure (Ported) - 2.75 cu. ft.
Mounting Depth - 182mm
Mounting Hole Diameter - 349mm

JL Audio RD1000/1
Power Rating
600W x 1 @ 4 Ohms
800W x 1 @ 3 Ohms
1000W x 1 @ 2 Ohms
Frequency Response
7 Hz- 500 Hz (+0, -1dB)
  • LED Clipping Indicator
  • Better Thermals & Actual Power Output vs. JX Series
  • Accepts High and Low Level Inputs
  • Low Pass Filter
  • 12 db/octave Filter Slope
  • Optional Bass Knob (RBC-1)
  • Height (H) 2.13 in / 54 mm
    Width (W) 14.66 in / 372 mm
    Depth (D) 6.96 in / 177 mm

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