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MOREL Virtus Nano Integra 6.5" 2-way Slim-Line Co-Axial Speakers

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MOREL Virtus Nano Integra 6.5" 2-way Slim-Line Co-Axial Speakers


Winner of the EISA 2018-2019 best product award for the slimmest system and the CTA 2018 Design and Engineering Award the Virtus Nano Integra 602 is an ultra-slim high-fidelity point source speaker (patent pending). 

The Virtus Nano Integra is a true tour-de-force of innovative engineering, enabling Hi-Fi sound reproduction from a speaker that is only 0.67" (17mm) deep.

It is the shallowest 6.5-inch point source ever created for car audio. The Virtus Nano Integra 602 system was engineered to perform exceedingly well in the inherently problematic acoustic chamber of a car and within the limited space and off-axis placement that is often forced upon the installer.

Its design leverages Morel’s craftsmanship and engineering technology employing some of Morel’s renowned traits along with some new ones. Its new Z.P.I (Zero Point Integra) patent pending, single magnet dual motor drive technology combines a phase aligned tweeter in the centre of the woofer to offer a natural sound reproduction and better tonal balance throughout the audible frequency range.

The “Grand-dome” convex shaped cone made of highly damped sandwich hybrid carbon fiber and foam core provides wide-dispersion and excellent on and off-axis response qualities. The woofer’s External Voice Coil (EVC™) motor features a highly efficient neodymium magnetic system and 2.1-inch diameter voice coil to enable high power handling and linear movement for a superior resolution to other designs.

Additionally an all a new handcrafted 1.1" Acuflex™ soft dome tweeter was developed to deliver a smooth, natural sound signature for the entire system.

The Virtus Nano Integra’s acoustic qualities coupled with its shallow size makes it possible for installers to have an easier time retrofitting a component system in any car without compromising performance. This high-fidelity car audio, promise a memorable musical experience.



  • Ultra Shallow Architecture - 17mm (0.67") mounting depth
  • Impedance 4 ohm
  • Woofer Voice Coil 54 mm (2.1")
  • 28mm Acuflex™ coated tweeter
  • Response 50-25kHz
  • Sensitivity 88db
  • Peak 350W
  • RMS 100W

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