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JL Audio RD900/5 5ch Amplifier

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Lots of power, installer-friendly design and options for every audio enthusiast


The RD900/5 has the do-it-yourself audiophile completely in mind while powering your entire sound system.

Capable of pushing out up to 75 watts of clean power to 4 channels at 4 ohms, plus another 500 watts at 2 ohms to your sub, this amp has the flexibility to push your cabin speakers, your subwoofers, or a combination of them depending on your needs.

The RD multi-channel amps have built-in 12 dB/octave low-pass filters and three turn-on modes: Traditional 12-volt trigger, signal sensing and DC offset.

Top off the package with a sleek, single-cast piece of aluminum in black powdercoat and blue LEDs, and your power looks as clean as it sounds.

Designed For Installers

JL Audio’s engineers had professional and at-home installers in mind with the RD Series. All of the inputs and controls are on the same side of the chassis, simplifying the setup whether you’re in a shop or in your driveway.

The output clipping indicators on each channel section mean you don’t need specialized tools to accurately set the gain.

A remote level control input gives you the option to install a bass level knob, sold separately, in the front seat, giving you full control over the bass output for every song you play.


NexD™ Switching Technology

NexD™ Switching Technology

The RD Series also incorporates JL Audio’s NexD Switching Tehnology. Since Class D amplifiers have a tendency to produce distortion at some ranges, NexD Switching helps cancel it out before feedback is ever applied.

All of this helps ensure the some of the cleanest possible signal to your subwoofer from your brand new Class D amplifier.



  • 5-Channel Class D Amplifier
  • 70W x 4 @ 4Ω + 500W x 1 @ 2Ω (14.4v)
  • Built-in High Pass Filters (Channels 1,2,3 & 4)
  • Built-in Low Pass Filter (Subwoofer Channel)
  • 12 dB/Octave 50 Hz – 500 Hz
  • Efficient Power Generation

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