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About us - Malaga Car Audio

Malaga Car Audio has been designing & installing state of the car audio/video systems since 1998...
We are committed to delivering only the highest level of service and performance to our clients, creating the best value. We have the experience, know-how & skills to not only install your system today, but be there in the future to continue to service and upgrade your system with you.
Unlike many of the “Flashy” car audio franchises & stores springing up and disappearing again, we are here for the long run...
"We firmly believe in doing things right..."
There are many ways to design your system, but there will be only one solution that is correct for you – It is our job to commit to your expectations and surpass. This means understanding what you want to achieve and recommending the appropriate solution within your budget to achieve these goals. We do not have a contracted allegiance to any manufacturer and are completely independent in our selection of products. In other words, we only sell what we believe in... If a product isn't up to our standards, we won't sell it!!!
We want to offer the complete service to you, not just shift boxes from the showroom floor...
We will only recommend systems that we know will deliver and exceed your expectations. This means our solutions may not always be the most inexpensive but there will be value for money as it will meet your requirements and work reliably for years to come and be serviced and warranted properly.
Our experience tells us what products work together and what will not, how to put them together and how to control them in a logical and simple way. We always extensively test the systems before your vehicle leaves our workshop. We are continually testing and developing innovative concepts and ideas with our suppliers to ensure quality of products and services.
Before we introduce new products to the market they are thoroughly tested in house, by us.
We are active members of many local, interstate & international industry associations and we proudly abide by their strict guidelines in relation to customer service, product knowledge & installation standards.
We are also the preferred installation team for many of Perth’s Top Automotive & Marine Dealers, installing DVD Systems, Hands-Free Kits, Alarms & Immobilisers, GPS Tracking Systems, Headlight Upgrades & Two-Way Communications.
We also provide our installation & technical services to many other Car Audio Stores in Perth.
Solutions for OEM Integration...
The belief, that in order to have better sound, you must replace your factory installed radio, is nothing more than a myth these days. The truth is, most OEM installed radios now offer features like Bluetooth hands free calling, iPod connectivity and control, and many others. They also have better than average audio systems compared to vehicles of ten years ago.
Sometimes you just want more "ooomph" out of your OEM System, and that's cool, we totally understand!!! We can enhance the connectivity and sound of any existing stereo, while maintaining important features like steering wheel controls & onboard computer control.
We can add features such as GPS Navigation, Reversing Camera, iPod Connectivity & DAB+ Digital Radio to just about any OEM System, as well as integrating Amplifiers, Speakers, Sub-Woofers & Audio Processors to get the best out of your OEM System.
The point is, you as a client, don’t have to sacrifice anything to gain an extra feature.
Custom Installations...
Take your system to the next level. No longer is a custom installation limited to a carpeted wood floor & a gigantic carpeted box taking up your precious cargo space. Malaga Car Audio utilizes materials that match OEM compliance, fit and finish. Using composite materials such as fibreglass, different grades and finish of plastic, aluminium and steel. Your vehicle is not made of wood. It is forged out of space age materials to make it fuel efficient, safe and last a very long time. We didn’t invent our fabrication philosophy, we “borrowed” it from the OEM guys. Your vehicle will be interfaced with in the same manner it was produced; Leathers, vinyls, carbon fibers, alloys, and polymer plastics that make it next to impossible to tell what’s been added, and what came factory.
For Bookings, call us on 0438 469 390 or email us at