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AudioControl LC5i PRO Active Line Out Converter

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AudioControl LC5i PRO Active Line Out Converter


Maximum Sound Quality

Modern vehicles have all the features you need, just sometimes not the sound quality you wanted. This can be improved by adding an aftermarket amplifier.

With its handling of upto 400 Watts per channel, the AudioControl LC5iPRO is designed for even the most finicky factory sound systems thanks to built in load generating compatibility, expanded signal sensing technology including GTO turn on circuitry.

Get That BASS!

Using patented technology, each AudioControl LC5iPRO includes the AccuBASS processor system.

Ever fitted an amplifier to a factory system and found the bass lacking the punch you wanted? Designed to correct bass removed from the factory audio system to protect the factory speakers, AccuBASS processing is an adjustable feature that gives your new audio system rock solid bass response that you wanted.


Keep Factory Systems Happy

Since around 2007, nearly all factory audio systems use D-Class technology. This more efficient system also means the factory audio system must see speakers connected for audio. No speakers connected? No Audio. This makes adding an amplifier to these speaker signals difficult at times.

Each AudioControl LC5iPRO features ‘Load Select’ technology. By selecting either 20kΩ, 60Ω or 20Ω the AudioControl LC5iPRO will act as a speaker being physically connected giving you solid, stable and smooth audio output. Just another reason why AudioControl a leader in OEM integration.


Triggered In The Right Way

Not all audio systems are equal. Built in to each AudioControl LC5iPRO is 3 different trigger modes to suit most if not all installation requirements.

Using AudioControls patented Great Turn On (GTO) feature, the LC5iPRO will turn on whenever a signal is sensed on the input channels.

For some modern factory audio systems where GTO does not activate, we have included the new AUDIO selection as found in the DSP range of Audiocontrol products. This new AUDIO option gives you an alternate remote turn on sensing option for finicky audio systems.

Want to use your own remote turn on signal? Easy! We’ve also included a manual remote turn on feature for your own 12v input.


Control At Your Fingertips

Each AudioControl LC5iPRO includes the remote mountable ACR-1 bass controller. This controller controls the bass RCA level output to offer complete control of your subwoofer amplifier.

Even MORE Features!

We could be here all day explaining all the other cool features of the AudioControl LC5iPRO but here is just a summary of its features which makes this the go to for so many installations.


  • 9.5v (RMS) / 13v (PEAK) RCA Preouts
  • 400w (40vRMS) Speaker Level Input (20kΩ Setting)
  • 4 Channel Input
  • Subwoofer AND Full Range RCA Preouts For Multiple Amplifiers
  • Adjustable Line Driver Controls For Each Preout Set
  • Remote Input
  • AccuBASS Bass Restoration
  • GTO Signal Sensing Technology
  • Audio Signal Sensing Technology
  • Selectable Input Load Generating Device Techology
  • 5 Year Warranty (When installed by Authorised AudioControl Stockist)

What's In The Box?

The AC-LC5iPRO includes

  • LC5iPRO Interface
  • ACR-1 Remote Control
  • 20ft Remote Control Cable
  • Speaker and Power Connector Bricks
  • Manual + Warranty



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