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MOREL Hybrid 63 6.5" 3-way Component Speakers

  • $2,495.00

MOREL Hybrid 63 6.5" 3-way Component Speakers 

Proclaimed as one of the best sounding systems Morel produces; now it is a step closer to perfection

Some proclaim the Hybrid as one of the best sounding speaker systems Morel produces, and the latest generation takes it a step closer to perfection. At the heart of the new Hybrid is an unconventional, innovative and highly effective Hybrid magnet system.

The CDM700 is a very shallow 2.1” soft dome midrange incorporating a 2.1” extremely low mass aluminium Hexatech voice coil allows for very efficient cooling of the coil.  The Neo magnet motor system, encapsulating the voice coil structure, forms a very large venting pole with a Morel’s C.A.R filter to create a very effective damped rear chamber.  This typology produces very low resonance frequency, low distortion and high power handling. 

The CDM 700 acoustic attributes and mechanical design can be easily installed in various locations in the car.  

The new generation Hybrid tweeter offers unrivalled high-frequency performance in a compact design with incredible high power handling capabilities at very low distortion levels.

Known as the MT300, its design uses Morel’s signature Acu-flex hand-coated coated 28mm soft dome, Hexatech aluminium voice coil, and dual neodymium motor technologies.

While its size allows it to be fit in most factory locations, surface and flush mount options with a beautiful lotus grille provide an elegant look fitting for modern vehicles.  


  • Impedance 4 ohm
  • Woofer Voice Coil  - 54 mm (2.1")
  • Mid-Range Voice Coil - 54mm (2.1")
  • 28mm Acu-flex™ coated tweeter
  • Response 35-25kHz
  • Sensitivity 91db
  • Peak 600W
  • RMS 140W

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