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Morel Supremo 602 Audiophile 6.5" 2-Way Component Speakers

  • $9,224.00

Morel Supremo 602 Audiophile 6.5" 2-Way Component Speakers


The Supremo 2-way system offers car audio enthusiasts a combination of state-of-the-art technological savvy and superior sound reproduction. Designed to confront the unique challenges of car audio, Supremo delivers unsurpassed performance — representing the pinnacle of Morel’s component line.


Supremo is based on Morel’s linear dynamic under-hung voice coil configuration, which allows the voice coil to move in a significantly higher magnetic field and remain there during operation. This configuration enables linear excursion of the coil and higher magnetic flux, eliminating inter-modulation distortion while considerably improving the dynamic range, transient response, and efficiency.

The Supremo Piccolo tweeter uses Morel’s 28mm (1 1/8”) Acuflex soft dome for wider dispersion and warmer sound characteristics. Supremo Piccolo’s double neodymium magnet structure and its Hexatech aluminum voice coil construction enable a low resonance point of 800Hz which contributes to a wider frequency response and better off-axis performance. Designed for ease of installation, Supremo Piccolo utilizes a smaller faceplate of 67mm (2 5/8”).

Supremo SW woofers employ an aerodynamic die-cast Uniflow chassis to minimize sound reflection distortion and provide shallow mounting capabilities. The 3” EVC Hexatech voice coil, coupled with its unique Hybrid magnet motor structure (combined ferrite and neodymium magnets) produces remarkably high power capability, high efficiency, as well as wide and natural dynamic range. Supremo SW woofers are available in 5”, 6”, and 9”.

The Supremo 2-way component system was engineered to be both an active and passive speaker system in order to provide installers with greater flexibility and to maximize the full potential of its drivers. The new optional Supremo passive crossover employs high quality components and Mundorf capacitors, it uses a crossover point of 1900Hz with a 12dB/octave slope and ±2dB tweeter level attenuation for improved soundstage and imaging in off-axis installations.



  • Impedance 4 ohm
  • Woofer Voice Coil - 75mm (3")
  • 28mm Acuflex Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Response 40-25kHz
  • Sensitivity 89db
  • Peak 600W
  • RMS 140W

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